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  • GLEAMER & RMS Medical Devices are teaming up to make GLEAMER AI solutions available to BeNelux healthcare institutions.


    June 15th , 2022 – RMS Medical Devices today announced an agreement with GLEAMER, a French medtech company pioneering the use of AI technology in the practice of radiology, to integrate GLEAMER’s AI BoneView & ChestView for X-ray imaging in their portfolio of high performing AI & Medical Software Solutions.


    RMS Medical Devices is expanding its innovative offering to healthcare institutions to bring high quality European-made solutions to radiologists & physicians in Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg. GLEAMER’s solutions are already broadly used in healthcare institutions across Europe and have been validated in several peer-reviewed publications, including two in the prestigious Radiology journal, showing the value of reading with AI to reduce diagnostic errors (missed fracture rate can be reduced by 30%).


    “Our AI solutions have been adopted in more than 300 institutions in the past 2 years, which demonstrates their maturity and readiness for clinical use. RMS Medical Devices brings a strong market knowledge and this partnership will be key to accelerate deployments in the Benelux region.”, says Christian Allouche, CEO and co-founder of GLEAMER. “Both our solution BoneView, for trauma X-rays, and ChestView, for chest X-rays, were developed to improve diagnostic accuracy and productivity, for the benefit of patients and healthcare providers, and it is our intention to make them widely available. “


    “This partnership with shared core values will optimize the introduction of AI into the radiology departments within Benelux, allowing access to a full range of best performing AI solutions and continuously improving AI portfolio within our company” adds Olivier Wouters, Director Business & Product Development at RMS Medical Devices


    About RMS Medical Devices

    RMS is an independent company headquartered close to Brussels (BE) and local offices in Eindhoven (NL),  allowing a geographic focus on the entire BeNeLux area.

    Founded in 1987, RMS specializes in the development and commercialization of state-of-the-art MedTech Solutions within different strategic business units: Radiology, Endoscopy, Pulmonology, Urology & Surgery. A dedicated department focusing on Medical Software and AI solutions covers different therapeutic areas and closely monitors the latest developments and offers new and optimized solutions for healthcare providers in the BeNeLux market.


    About GLEAMER

     GLEAMER develops a suite of AI solutions for Radiology that encapsulate medical-grade expertise. The company wants to support imaging users to secure diagnoses for all patients and at all times, while improving efficiency. GLEAMER’s AI Companions are directly integrated in the users’ usual reading environment and act as an automated and transparent concurrent reading to improve diagnostic accuracy in X-ray imaging. GLEAMER’s solutions are currently being used across 14 countries in more than 300 institutions. For more information: www.GLEAMER.ai.

  • Partnership Improving MedTech AI Access in BENELUX


    "Arterys and RMS Medical Devices Announce Partnership Improving MedTech AI Access in BENELUX"

    Today, March 15th 2022, Arterys represented by Stephane Boyer, General Manager Europe, and RMS Medical Devices represented by Olivier Wouters, Director Business & Product Development, are proud to announce a new strategic partnership covering Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg.

    With this year’s 35th anniversary, RMS Medical Devices has accomplished an extended expertise in product & market development of #MedTech Solutions, positioning the company at a leading position in #BENELUX.

    This collaboration will complete the portfolio of RMS Medical Devices’ high performing AI & Medical Software Solutions, now including the Arterys #AI #MedicalImagingPlatform, and further support the growth and development of Arterys in this key region of Europe.

    “Including best in class clinical AI applications software for #Mammography , #MSK , #Neuro#Chest#Cardiac, our platform offers the results directly into your existing #PACS or #EHR driven workflow to make it a natural extension of what you already do” Stephane Boyer says. These solutions add high value to #radiologists by extracting actionable insights from medical images to add clinical value, improve diagnostic decision making, efficiency and productivity.

    “Our common core values and principal intention is to satisfy the patients and customers by providing a continuously improving portfolio of best performing #AI and #cloudbased Solutions” Olivier Wouters states. "This partnership will accelerate and optimize the introduction of AI into the radiology department of the Benelux area."

  • Apollo Endosurgery And RMS Medical Announce Partnership For Distribution In Benelux.


    Today, February 1st 2022, Apollo Endosurgery represented by Kelly Magnaudeix , EU Sales Director, and RMS Medical Devices represented by Olivier Wouters , Director Business & Product Development, are proud to announce the signature of a new strategic partnership in Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg.

    This new collaboration will reinforce market leading position of RMS Medical Devices with extended product portfolio including now these best in class Intra Gastric Balloons and Full Thickness Endoscopic Suture systems, as well as supporting the growth and development of Apollo Endosurgery in this key region of Europe.

    Apollo Endosurgery, Inc. is a medical technology company focused on development of next-generation, less invasive devices to advance therapeutic endoscopy designed to treat a variety of gastrointestinal conditions. Apollo’s device-based therapies are an alternative to invasive surgical procedures, thus lowering complication rates and reducing total healthcare costs.

    Our common core values and principal intention is to satisfy the patients and customers by providing best in class products & services.

  • Partnership Sirius Pintuition


    We are proud to announce our commercial partnership with Sirius Medical

    This new and improved tumor localization solution perfectly fits in our Breast Health Solutions portfolio, and we are looking forward to this strategic partnership combining our companies’ strengths and knowledge.


    "We strongly believe that Sirius Medical’s Pintuition technology will bring added value to both users and patients by optimizing workflow, patient comfort and treatment results" says Olivier Wouters, Director Business & Product Development at RMS Medical Devices.

  • New disposable scope portfolio from RMS


    RMS recently launched its first range of disposable scopes for urology, GI and radiology.

    This new portfio already received promising feedback on superior performance in clinical use with high quality image solution and easy controlling performance.

    For more information on our newest SU Scope products, please contact your RMS product consultant or salessupport@rmsmedicaldevices.com

  • World's first motorized, rotating fine needle biopsy


    RMS Medical Devices proudly introduces this new and improved automated FNA technology.


    The CytoCore is designed to rotate a 25-22g needle at the time of biopsy to collect more cellular material, in fewer passes, using the smallest needles. 


    The Cytocore Fine needle biopsy device is designed to produce samples sufficient for both cytological and histological evaluation and is approved for use in any soft tissue

  • RMS signs exclusive partnership with leading Thoracic Imaging AI provider


    Today RMS is proud to announce the partnership with CoreLine, one of the leading Thoracic Imaging AI solution providers.


    After the successful launch of its Breast Health AI Platform (Profound AI) in Benelux, RMS is now expanding the Medical Imaging AI devision with a dedicated portfolio of CHEST AI solutions in collaboration with Coreline Soft.


    Coreline Soft Ltd. was founded in 2012 and has its headquarter in Seoul, South Korea.

    Recently CLS founded Coreline Europe GmbH in Frankfurt, Germany and in March 2021 a partnership was officialized between CLS and RMS Medical Devices in order to support the fast-growing European business.


    Coreline Soft develops AI based thorax specialized imaging diagnosis solutions, lung cancer screening (LCS), COPD quantification, and coronary artery calcification (CAC). These modules, so called “Big3”, cover the three big diseases of thoracic imaging.

    More complex lung modules are being added to the platform, such as texture analysis for ILD/IPF and pneumonia detection including COVID-19.


    Coreline Soft became official solution provider of 4-IN-THE-LUNG-RUN (4ITLR) project, initiated and led by the Nelson Team (Erasmus MC and iDNA in the Netherlands).  4-IN-THE-LUNG-RUN has set up the goal to establish strategies that lead to cost-efficient lung cancer screening within reach for Europe. 


    "We strongly believe that Coreline´s AI technology will bring added value to the users and patients by preventing and early diagnosing the “Big3” thorax diseases, especially lung cancer." says Olivier Wouters from RMS Medical Devices


    "We aim to contribute to a reduction of lung cancer-related mortality not only in Europe, but hopefully world-wide."  states Vanja Azabagic-Thursar from Coreline Europe GmbH.


    For more information, please do not hesitate to contact your RMS Product Consultant directly or send your inquiries to sales@rmsmedicaldevices.com 

  • Updates in Vertebral Compression Fracture Treatment


    With the addition of Osteo-Site® Vertebral Balloon, IZI has a complete portfolio of clinically appropriate and integrated Vertebral Compression Fracture Treatment Solutions.


    Please contact your RMS Product Consultant for more information on the latest evolutions in our VCF solutions




  • RMS' Profound AI Breast Health Solutions featured in NVvR magazine MEMORAD



    iCAD-AI voor beeldvorming en
    diagnostiek mammografie


    De Borstkliniek Voorkempen stuurt sinds 2006
    de werking aan van een multidisciplinair team
    dat jaarlijks meer dan 250 nieuwe borstkankerpatiënten
    diagnosticeert en behandelt. Vanwege
    de eminente plaats in de ziekenhuisorganisatie
    AZ-Klina in België kreeg mammografie
    daarom voorrang bij de gefaseerde invoering
    van AI-toepassingen.


    Lees het volledig artikel op pg 29 van het Memorad magazine: https://www.radiologen.nl/system/files/bestanden/publicaties/nvvr_mr_25.4_v05.pdf 

  • DE STANDAARD - Computer voorspelt risico op Borstkanker


    UPDATE on our Profound AI Breast Health solutions published in DE STANDAARD


    "Vanaf deze week zullen in het AZ Klina in Brasschaat de radiologische beelden van borsten, opgenomen om kanker op te sporen, niet langer alleen door artsen geanalyseerd worden. Ook een computer zal de beelden beoordelen. De computer zal de zones aanduiden die er verdacht uitzien (en op een schaal van 0 tot 100 zeggen hoe verdacht ze zijn). Zal de computer eveneens zeggen: hoe groot het risico van een vrouw zonder borstkanker is om binnen de twee jaar toch borstkanker te krijgen. Zo’n voorspelling, gebaseerd op radiologische beelden, kon tot dusver niet gedaan worden, maar kan helpen om vrouwen nauwlettend op te volgen."


  • L'IA contribue à un meilleur dépistage du cancer du sein


    L'IA contribue à un meilleur dépistage du cancer du sein

    RMS Medical Devices lance une technologie révolutionnaire au Benelux


    ROOSDAAL/EINDHOVEN – Grâce à l’Intelligence Artificielle (IA), les radiologues parviennent à mieux dépister et de manière plus précoce le cancer du sein avec l’analyse IA des mammographies. Aujourd’hui, l'IA permet également de mieux évaluer le risque de cancer du sein, ce qui pourrait entraîner l’ajustement individuel de la fréquence des examens périodiques.


    Des études cliniques validées montrent que l’utilisation de l'algorithme ProFound AI, permettait aux radiologues d’améliorer en moyenne leur taux de détection du cancer du sein de 8% tout en diminuant le temps de lecture de 52.7%. De plus, la nouvelle solution ProFound AI RISK peut estimer avec précision le risque pour chaque femme de développer un cancer du sein dans les deux ans. Il s'agit d'une solution développée en collaboration avec des chercheurs du célèbre Institut suédois Karolinska.


    Après le lancement de ProFound AI au BeNeLux par RMS Medical Devices, la société Belge lancera la nouvelle application de cette technologie révolutionnaire, « ProFound AI RISK », au mois d'octobre, qui est dédié à la lutte contre le cancer du sein. Pour ce faire, RMS Medical Devices a conclu un partenariat avec la société américaine iCAD, qui a développé l'outil d'IA.


    ProFound AI est un algorithme évolutif basé sur la technologie Deep Learning qui devient de plus en plus efficace pour dépister le cancer du sein sur la base d'une mammographie. Le programme est déjà compatible avec la majorité des appareils mammographie numérique et représente une véritable aide au diagnostic pour les radiologues pour repérer les lésions suspectes sur les mammographies et tomosynthèses (mammographie 3D), examen plus précis mais aussi plus complexe à analyser. L’algorithme de ProFound AI permet de détecter tous types de lésions même subtiles (distorsions, microcalfications, sein traités), très petites ou sur seins denses.


    ProFound AI RISK permet d’évaluer, de manière fiable, le risque pour chaque femme de développer un cancer du sein dans les 2 ans . « L'IA est un outil de support pour les spécialistes. La meilleure évaluation des risques pourra permettre de personnaliser le dépistage du cancer du sein. Maintenant, le dépistage se fait tous les deux ans, en fonction de l'âge d'une personne, mais on pourrait par exemple évoluer vers un examen tous les six mois pour les personnes présentant des risques plus élevés », explique Olivier Wouters de RMS Medical Devices.

  • RMS adds QUICKCORE to its product range


    Today, RMS Medical Devices, proudly announces its the acquisition of QUICKORE products for BENELUX.


    After a first succesfull collaboration between US based IZI Medical, launched in 2018, both companies signed an exclusive partnership for QUICKCORE soft tissue biopsy product in BENELUX


    QUICKCORE of IZI Medical Products was previously distributed by COOK Medical, and as of May 1st 2020  the sale of all QUICKCORE products will be transferred from COOK Medical to RMS Medical Devices, exclusive distributor of IZI Medical Products’ range in BENELUX.


    With this new partnership, RMS Medical Devices adds another premium technology to its Radiology portfolio.


    For additional questions or further inquiried related to QUICKCORE, please feel free to contact us: sales@rmsmedicaldevices.com

  • Introducing Artificial Intelligence for Breast Health


    RMS is proud to announce the partnership with iCAD, introducing an advanced deep learning Artificial Intelligence technology for Breast Cancer Detection in both 2D Mammography as 3D Digital Breast Tomosythesis.


    iCAD's Breast Health Solutions are built on deep learning technology and deliver powerful software solutions for breast tomosynthesis, breast density and 2D mammography.


    These innovative solutions offer clinicians a wide range of tools for disease detection and analysis that enhance workflow and improve overall efficiency. Our


    Breast Health Solutions support healthcare facilities worldwide in providing quality breast care to their patients.


    please contact us for more info sales@rmsmedicaldevices.com or visit our iCAD product website

  • Partnership BONVISI


    With this new partnership RMS introduces a new technology for improving endoscopic procedures


    Bonvisi manufacture and distribute a recently developed endoscopic pump system that considerably improves surgical procedure conditions. The key benefits are increased visibility during the procedure, reduced per- and post-operative bleeding and shorter operation times. This results in more cost-efficient and safer endoscopic procedures.


    Together with the new pump, Bonvisi manufacture and distribute a range of products for endoscopic surgery fluid management.


    For more information, please contact sales@rmsmedicaldevices.com and visit our product website

  • Partnership MINZE Health


    Today, RMS Medical Devices, proudly announces its partnership with Minze Health - re-inventing Uroflowmetry Solutions.


    As of May 1st 2018 RMS Medical Devices is the exclusive partner of Minze Health in Belgium & Luxembourg


    With this new partnership, RMS Medical Devices adds another premium technology to its portfolio.


    For additional questions or further inquiried related to MINZE Health or our Uroflowmetry Solutions, please feel free to contact us: sales@rmsmedicaldevices.com


  • Partnership Osteo-Site product range


    Today, RMS Medical Devices, proudly announces its partnership with IZI Medical Group.


    Vertebroplasty & Bone Biopsy range Osteo-Site of IZI Medical Products was previously distributed by COOK Medical, and as of April 1st 2018 the sale of all Osteo-Site products will be transferred from COOK Medical to RMS Medical Devices, new exclusive distributor of IZI Medical Products’ range in BENELUX.


    With this new partnership, RMS Medical Devices adds another premium technology to its Radiology portfolio.


    For additional questions or further inquiried related to Osteo-Site, please feel free to contact us: sales@rmsmedicaldevices.com

  • HydroMark by RMS-Mammotome


    After a succesfull partnership launch with Mammotome - Leica Biosystems in 2017, RMS now also proubly announces the exclusive partnership for the HydroMark portfolio in the Netherlands (previously distributed by Tromp Medical)


    As of February 2018, RMS Medical Devices will be the exclusive direct distribution partner for all HydroMark products in the entire BENELUX and all orders can be transferred to sales@rmsmedicaldevices.com


    HydroMARK’s exclusive hydrogel technology provides clinicians with unmatched long-term ultrasound visibility after marking a post-breast-biopsy-site or breast-lesion.


    HydroMARK marker hydrates to provide 12-15 months of Ultrasound visibility. It is Ultrasound visible even after Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy.


    For more info please feel free to contact your RMS Product Consultant or visit our HydroMark product website: http://www.mammotome.com/breast-biopsy-markers/hydromark/

  • Launch RMS Medical Consulting


    We proudly announce the launch of RMS Medical Consulting, as a part of RMS Medical Devices.


    RMS Medical Consulting is a spin-off of RMS Medical Devices www.rmsmedicaldevices.com, which has been specialised in the development and distribution of devices and services for minimally-invasive diagnostics since 1987.


    As such, the incubator RMS Medical Consulting calls on 30 years of experience in order to take innovative healthtech start-ups to the next level.


    Because start-ups are burning with ambition. And with every challenge they face – from product development and pricing to pitching, partnerships, subsidies, growth strategies and marketing – entrepreneurs set the highest possible standards for themselves and their product.


    For more information, please visit our website www.rmsmedicalconsulting.com or contact us info@rmsmedicalconsulting.com

  • Exclusive Partnership Mammotome




    Combined with our 30th RMS Anniversary as a multi-disciplinary partner within the medical device industry, we proudly announce our exclusive partnership with Mammotome for the distribution and further development within the BENELUX area.


    RMS successfully developed the Radiology business unit in Belgium, the Netherlands & Luxembourg, offering a one-stop-solution towards radiologists, respecting the RMS core values: Premium Quality & High Level Service at an optimal price-value balance.


    The premium and best-in-class technologies for accurate breast disease diagnosis developed by Mammotome are therefore a perfect match to complete the RMS portfolio. As the global market leader in minimal invasive vacuum-assisted breast biopsy, Mammotome offers a wide range of products to help radiologists, surgeons and clinicians around the world using stereotactic, ultrasound, magnetic resonance imaging, or molecular imaging guidance.


    We are looking forward to presenting you the newest developments in this range, so please do not hesitate to contact us for a more detailed product presentation by one of our product consultants!


    For further information or to schedule a product presentation, please contact us: olivier@rmsmedicaldevices.com

  • Innovations in Endo-Urology


    After a successful expansion of our Urology product range, RMS proudly announces the collaboration with our new partner UROTECH – Leading Urotechnology Made in Germany.


    Next to our one-stop-solution for biopsy & drainage solutions, we will now also add a full portfolio with innovative solutions within Endo-Urology.


    The newest technology recently launched is the Magnetic Black Star Double J stent:

    This new ureter stent (DJ) with a small magnet at its distal end (Magnetic Black Star)) and a customized magnetic retrieval catheter, allows an easy & painless removal of the stent without cystoscopy increasing patient comfort & procedure efficiency.


    Please do not hesitate to contact us for more info or a detailed product presentation by one of our product consultants!


    For more information or to schedule a meeting, please contact:

    Belgium-Luxembourg: kim2@rmsmedicaldevices.com

    The Netherlands: ron@rmsmedicaldevices.nl

  • 30 Year Anniversary


    This year RMS proudly concludes its third decennium as an independent supplier of minimal invasive diagnostic and medical equipment.  


    We would like to thank all our customers & partners for the magnificent collaboration during all these years.


    In the years to come we will continue to focus on customer- and patient-centered one-stop-solutions.

  • Collaboration with the innovative start-up Bedal NV


    Met veel trots kondigt RMS de nieuwe samenwerkingsovereenkomst met Bedal aan.


    De innovatieve KMO Bedal ontwikkelde de Showerpatch, die tijdens het eerste kwartaal van 2016 op de markt zal komen. Met deze pleister kan een patiënt een katheterplaats zelf waterdicht afsluiten en daardoor autonoom douchen. In samenwerking met UZ Leuven is de showerpatch uitvoerig getest zowel in het ziekenhuis als in de thuisomgeving.


    RMS Medical Devices & RMS Home Care zullen als exclusieve commerciële partner het gamma van Bedal verdelen binnen BeNeLux.


    Voor meer informatie, aarzel ons te contacteren: rms@rmsmedicaldevices.com

  • Launch RMS Home Care


    Meer info: www.rmshomecare.be


    RMS Home Care is een spin-off van RMS Medical Devices, een one-stop-solution provider waarbij een totaalgamma gecombineerd wordt met aangepast advies in de vorm van consultancy, training en technische ondersteuning .


    Met bijna 30 jaar ervaring binnen de medical device industry, is RMS uitgegroeid tot een betrouwbare partner voor de ziekenhuissector in BeNeLux.


    Door de verschuiving van Hospital Care naar Home Care, is er ook een duidelijke behoefte en noodzaak ontstaan om deze medische disciplines op een efficiënte manier te kunnen bedienen.


    Vandaar dat RMS Home Care nu een totaaloplossing aanbiedt waardbij een gericht en gespecialiseerd product-gamma ook ter beschikking kan staan van de thuiszorg-verstrekker en -ontvanger.  Dit steeds gecombineerd met een ervaren team waarbij service, advies & prijs/kwaliteit steeds centraal staan!


    Heeft u specifieke vragen, aarzel niet ons te contacteren: info@rmshomecare.be

  • RMS opens new office in the Netherlands...


    RMS, a leading medical devices developing & distribution company with focus on BeNeLux, proudly announces the opening of a new subsidiary in the Netherlands in Januari 2015.


    The new branch will be located in Vianen, close to Utrecht and serve as a commercial, administrative & logistic hub to optimize the service towards our local customers.

    More info soon!


  • JFR Paris


    RMS espère de vous rencontrer aux JFR 2021 à Paris.


    Parce que nous avons par-dessus tout l’envie de nous retrouver, nous partageons l’espoir fort d’un congrès « présentiel ».