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In addition to a wide portfolio of medical products, RMS offers you also his advice in the form of consultancy, training and technical support.

To enable physicians, surgeons, assistants and nursing staff to focus on their respective responsibilities, RMS provides a team of specialists with medical training. Fluent in our equipment and our products, our specialists will come to your facility to assist you in performing certain tests or surgery. Their participation is particularly interesting by the placements of stents or other examinations.

This collaboration ensures that you always get the most from your advanced technology and significantly improve the administration of your care. The patient is not only the center of attention of the physician but also of RMS.

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To give you the possibility to quickly familiarize yourself with our devices and our efficient high quality products, we organize regular free theoretical and practical training and this in the form of workshops.

These programs are aimed at the medical and nursing staff of the hospitals we work with. Taught by a team of highly skilled employees, these courses are organized in our training center.

Training programs are developed to map and according to the wishes and needs of each customer. The trainers do not just explain in detail the operation of the equipment, they also spend part of their program to the practical problem solving.

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